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Hi there!

Welcome to our blog! Coming at you with our very first post.

~Big moment in history~



We’re Seth and Amanda and it is very nice to meet you!

Amanda here writing now. I’ll be doing most of the writing on here but we’ll be sure to denote any posts that Seth pens.  You may be thinking- great, another blog by some girl that I went to high school/college with who thinks she can be some blogging star… And you wouldn’t be wrong.

This blog has many purposes and I truly hope some of the things Seth and I talk about, learn, and try will help other people in some way.  This site will be a mix of education, empowerment, and sharing- all about one main topic:

Our Journey to 30 Before 30

We have set a challenge for ourselves (or more, I have challenged us and Seth has agreed to be taken along for the ride) to visit 30 countries before I turn 30. I have many goals for myself, most of which I hope to share on here at another time, but I truly believe in a mix of two ideologies: if you manifest something out to the universe, it will happen AND if you work toward something every day, even if only incrementally, it will happen. Thus, this blog was born. By putting our goal out there into the world, maybe accruing a small following of readers along the way, I hope this practically forces us to bring this aspiration to culmination. What better way to guarantee you’ll do something than by putting it out there for the whole world to see and ultimately judge you on if you fail, right?

This blog will cover just about everything that it takes for Seth and I to accomplish our goal:

  • Our budgeting strategies
  • Side hustles we try to make money on the side
  • Ways we save money in our day-to-day lives
  • Other blogs, podcasts, TV shows, etc. that inspire and motivate us
  • All the research and planning that goes into each trip
  • Detailed accounts of each of our trips
  • Everything else that comes up along the way

I’m positive that this list will evolve as we do and I’m so excited to see where it takes us.

In challenging ourselves to this relatively large feat, we’ve set a couple rules for ourselves:

  1. Previous countries that we visited count toward our personal total country count
  2. We must stay at least 24 hours in the country for it to count
  3. We must eat at least one local food in each country
  4. We must try one new thing in each country
  5. Territories do not count toward the country count
  6. The USA does not count toward the country count

Some of these rules are to keep us from simply ticking off a number of countries without experiencing a single authentic thing in that culture. Obviously, we won’t have time to fully live in each country we visit, but we aim to immerse ourselves in each culture to the best of our abilities. We hope that by at least skimming the surface of each place, we can get a better idea of the locations to which we would want to return for longer, more immersive stays.





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