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Our Next Trip: Cruise to Bermuda

This won’t be too long of a post, but we wanted to let you all know that we are embarking on our next trip today (and our first one together out of the country)!

We are going on a cruise with my (Amanda’s) father’s side of the family to Bermuda. Unfortunately, based on the rules we set for ourselves, this won’t add to our country count as Bermuda is a British Territory, but we are so excited for this trip nevertheless. Seth has been on a cruise before, but I haven’t. It definitely isn’t the type of trip I would regularly choose for myself, but as I learn more about how it all works, I think it will be a really fun and relaxing trip.

For those of you who have never been on a cruise before- I’m sure you’ve seen the ads. There are a million things to do on the ship- live performances, a variety of eateries and restaurants, activities like rock climbing and indoor skydiving, and plenty of pools and relaxation areas (hello spa!). And that’s all just on the boat! Once you arrive to you destination, in our case- one port in Bermuda, the ship docks and you can explore the port. It definitely sounds like we won’t ever be without something to do.

We won’t have wifi but stay posted after we get back for plenty of pictures, travel tips for cruising that we learn, and everything that we do on the island- we plan to explore as much of it as possible. In researching cruising, we’ve picked up some tricks that we’re going to try and we’ll also try to figure out some of our own.

Can’t wait to share when we get back!

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