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What We’re Watching: Scam City

Coming at you live with our first Motivation Monday! (I know, cheesy AF) On Mondays (maybe not all of them, I’m not going to over-commit myself yet) we will share what we’re reading, watching, or listening to that is motivating, inspiring, or educating us on our journey to 30 countries!

For today’s edition, one of our new favorite shows: Scam City.

The show originally aired on the Travel + Escape network as well as National Geographic, but is now available for streaming on Netflix. Conor Woodman is the host, a grows-on-you-kind-of-cute British guy who is completely comfortable putting himself in sketchy situations for the benefit of the viewers.

The premise of the show is this: In major tourist hubs all across the world there are a variety of hustles that scam tourists out of their money. Some are as simple as selling fake perfumes and the classic pick-pocket and others are much more complicated (and even dangerous) like taxi express kidnappings and “black widows”.

Each episode focuses on a different tourist destination, everywhere from London to Marrakech to Mumbai and Las Vegas. Each city has its own tricks and criminal underground and Conor puts himself in the middle of each one. He plays a clueless tourist and aims to get scammed. Sometimes he knows exactly the type of scam he wants to be the victim of and, in other cases, he finds ones he didn’t know existed. He goes so far as to allow his drinks to get spiked and rides around in taxis in Mexico City hoping to be kidnapped. His goal at each scam is the same: befriend the scammer and learn their ways. He makes friends with fake jewel salesmen, phone thieves, and fraud talent agents and is successful in getting them to explain how their scam works and how much they make from it. In some instances, he even goes along with them and partakes in some of their crimes.

All of this is done with one goal: to show tourists exactly what to look out for when they travel. For us, this is a pretty awesome show premise in and of itself, but watching a show that highlights such a variety of cities is also so inspiring for us. We’ve already discovered new cities we want to visit and even some tricks and things to try in each…like the Riad Kniza hotel in Marrakech CAN YOU SAY HEART EYES??

If you have Netflix, check it out! It’s one of those great kind of shows where you can sift through the episodes and just watch the ones that interest you. But trust me, you’ll be interested in all of them!

And check in next week for another Motivation Monday to hear about my latest form of financial motivation!  *inhales with excitement about financial books*

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