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2017 in Review & Our 2018 Goals

Well friends, family, and fellow adventurers: we made it through another year! 2017 was definitely an eventful year for us. Filled with all the usual trials and tribulations of a typical 12-month span, we’ve made it through and we’re ready for an even better 2018.

I wanted to get this out closer to the beginning of the year, but tbh I spent January 1st bedridden with a terrible hangover. Then later that week, I experienced an unfortunate passing of a dear member of my family, so I spent a few days home with my loved ones. 2018 has started off a bit rough for us, but I am confident it will only go up from here!

I admit that I usually am one for setting goals based on seasons or school semesters and for needing to start new lifestyle choices on a Monday, so when a new year comes around, it’s always a favorite of mine to take the opportunity to look back at the previous year and everything it held. I also love to set myself some goals for the upcoming year. Not that I NEED a new year to start something that I really want, but it certainly makes it a convenient way to track progress as time goes on.

I am also a firm believer in manifestation of goals, hence this blog as a method of holding ourselves accountable, so I also see New Year’s resolutions as a way to visualize and document your goals, thus making them more likely to be achieved. I believe the same thing applies to recognizing gratitude for all the blessings that occur. The more you take note of them and take a second to appreciate them, you’ll realize just how often you have reason to be thankful.

But anywho, enough about my thoughts on goal-setting. Since we started this blogging adventure halfway through 2017, please take a stroll with us through some of our 2017 highlights:

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  • January 2017: Seth returned from his 6-month deployment in Kuwait. I think I was given about 24 hours notice and had to drive down to Baltimore to pick him up with absolutely no info about his flight, when he would arrive, or anything. I had to sleuth through some online flight trackers, find the one unlisted flight traveling from Germany to BWI, and hope that the timeline online was correct
  • February 2017: Seth and I celebrated our birthdays five days apart. Seth also bought his first car!
  • March 2017: We traveled to Brooklyn, NY, Boston, MA, and Portland, ME during my “Spring Break”. Unfortunately we got snowed in in Boston and had to wade through about a foot of snow in order to eat.
  • April 2017: I worked an awesome production gig in New York at The Lincoln Center and other surrounding theaters. It was awesome to work with new people in amazing new venues.
  • May 2017: The biggest month of the year! I graduated college, moved to Alexandria with Seth 3 days later and started my new job 2 days after that! It was a whirlwind and such an exciting time!
  • June 2017: I was promoted to an event planner at my job and got to take on my first clients! By the time I left in December, I had executed over 170 events as a planner
  • August 2017: Hello Phrequent Phliers! We started the blog and shortly after went on a cruise with my side of the family to Bermuda (and wrote about it here).
  • September 2017: I started to really get into financial planning and thus opened my first retirement account (okay, maybe this isn’t an exciting one to you, but I was pumped and definitely put it on the list of the year’s successes). Seth and I also traveled to Cape May, NJ to work the weekend at Cape May Stage, which was Seth’s first experience in Amanda’s world of theater
  • November 2017: Seth and I celebrated Thanksgiving together, which we count as a win, because last year he was in the desert for the entire holiday season
  • December 2017: Seth and I were able to celebrate our first Christmas together in our own place

We both are so grateful for everything 2017 has thrown at us, the good and the bad. I don’t know if I would say it was the best year I’ve ever had, but it definitely was more good than bad.

And now, we’re looking ahead! I’ve set 5 blog/travel-related goals for me/us for the upcoming year. Here they are:

  1. Travel to 3 new countries (either new to one of us or both of us)
  2. Travel to 4 new states (either new to one of us or both of us)
  3. Post 5 articles per month and keep up with Financial Fridays and Motivation Mondays more
  4. Befriend 4 other travel bloggers and do some guest posting
  5. Make our first vlog

2019 is going to hold A LOT of changes for us (more info on that coming in another post) so much of 2018 will also be us just setting ourselves up for those changes. We also hope to really grow the blog in general, connect with more readers, and extend our reach.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018? Where was your favorite place you visited in 2017?

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