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Travel & Life Updates – January 2018

Happy MLK Jr. Day everyone! If you’re lucky like us, I hope you have the day off today for a long weekend. But if not, I hope you find a few moments during your busy work day to appreciate the work that MLK Jr. did and respect the amount of work that is still left to be done in America and beyond.

Today, I wanted to use my extra time off to update you all with our plans for upcoming travels. We had been planning to take a trip to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna in February, but some recent employment changes for me have uprooted our plans a bit. I was working with a venue in DC but really disliked my position. I had been job hunting for a few weeks when, in December, the venue and I finally parted ways. It was a huge relief to no longer be in a position that really drained my energy and happiness, but I am still working on finding my next dream job.

During all that time of transition, our plans for traveling were kind of put on hold. I didn’t want to risk any future position (or lack of future income, tbh) by planning a 10-day trek through Europe. I truthfully am somewhat torn, though. Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and plan the trip anyway, risking any turmoil it may cause with my potential next position. But, I’ll keep pondering over that decision. If not an out-of-country trip, maybe we’ll plan a short trip to a new state or two, we’ll keep you posted on that (:

In the meantime, I’ve been working at this great small barre studio in town. The group of women that work there are so sweet and the clients are like one big community. Plus, all the free workouts don’t hurt either.

For now, we are still hoping to do some smaller trips, but are mostly focusing on our big trip that will happen in 2019. Seth will get out of the Air Force in February of 2019 and then we’ll have a few months without any plans until he starts school in August, so we plan to do a huge trip then. We’ll have a full post up soon with more details on that.

So long story short, our lives are a bit up in the air right now so travel plans are on hold for the moment. Stay tuned for more updates and happy traveling!

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