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About Us


We are Seth and Amanda. We’re high school sweethearts (photo proof below). We’ve been together for over 7 years and through those years, have gone through high school, college (for one of us), military trainings and deployment (for the other one), and everything in between.

Amanda went to Temple University in Philadelphia and studied Theater, Media Studies and Production, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (yes, I know, it’s a mouthful). She also completed a certificate in Event Leadership. All of this has culminated in her working in her dream field of live events and productions as a full-time event planner. She loves flowers, acoustic music, learning new things, and reading (especially if the plot line involves magic #HarryPotter).

Seth took a slightly different path. After high school, he joined the Air Force. He’s over halfway through his 6-year contract, which he began at Basic Training in San Antonio Texas before¬†moving on to Tech School in Biloxi, MS. After 6 months of tech school (during Amanda’s freshman year at Temple), Seth was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base right outside Washington DC, and has been there ever since.

After about 5 years of long-distance, Amanda graduated and this spring we finally moved in together! Here is a picture after we bought our first big purchase together- a couch!


We now live in Alexandria, Virginia and we love it. We both work full-time and come home every night to cook and laugh together and cuddle our two cats. And now we’re excited to share our lives with you!