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How to Scale the 30 Before 30 Challenge to Your Goals

Though Seth and I approach this blog and this challenge with a heavy focus on budgeting, saving, and proceeding in the most affordable way possible, we also recognize that the 30 Before 30 challenge is simply not possible for everyone. Read More

Pre-Financial Friday: an Update

Hey fam! Long time no…read. ~Quick update~ I have been absolutely swamped at work the past few weeks (last week I watched the sun set from my office every day and this week I watched it rise) so writing kind Read More

What I’m Listening To: RPF 0006 – How to Afford Anything You Want in Life

Welcome back to another Motivation Monday- a (kind of) weekly installment of what I’m reading, watching, and listening to that inspires and motivates me! Today I’m writing about a podcast episode that was one of the first pieces of the Read More