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About this Blog

Seth and I want to accomplish something big, something that not many people can claim they’ve done. And thus, we’ve challenged ourselves to:

30 before 30

Seth and I plan to travel to 30 countries before we turn 30 years old (we’ll set a deadline of Amanda’s 30th birthday, to give us a bit more time), which gives us until February 2025.

This blog will explore everything that goes into tackling this challenge. We’ll delve into topics such as:

  • Ideas for making money on the side
  • Tips for cheap travel
  • Strategies for saving money in your every day life
  • Travel inspiration and motivation
  • Accounts of each of our trips
  • Our research tactics in planning each trip
  • And whatever else comes up along the way!

We want this site to be both a source of motivation and education. We want to show that anyone is capable of traveling the world and exactly how we go about doing it.

We have set a few rules for ourselves on the way through this challenge:

  1. Previous countries that we visited count toward our personal total country count
  2. We must stay at least 24 hours in the country for it to count
  3. We must eat at least one local food in each country
  4. We must try one new thing in each country
  5. Territories do not count toward the country count
  6. The USA does not count toward the country count